KING KALM Hemp oil (Canine Formula) 300MG/30ML With Arctic KRILL Oil For Pets

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  • 100% guaranteed works.
  • Professionally infused by a licensed Pharmacist.
  • Completely natural cannabidol product NO THC.
  • Maximum potency naturally Occurring terpene rich  full spectrum CBD oil.

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How does this work for senior dogs and arthritis? 

Let’s first break down the word arthritis: arthro – refers to joint, and – it is referred to inflammation – together it translates to “joint inflammation.” CBD can be highly effective at reducing inflammation in general, but it happens to have a profound effect on the joints in particular, we believe this is due to the constant use and demand of the joints – especially in a quadrupedal animal like the canine.

How does CBD interact with seizures? 

First, let’s understand what a seizure is, simply put, a seizure is a moment in time where a part or parts of the brain go into overdrive, and there is increased neurological activity that causes different effects depending on the part of the body that of which that particular part of the brain controls. CBD has been shown to decrease neurological activity and for the most part, is said to mildly sedate the neurons of the brain – making for a preventative effort to control the activity of the brain, and when put on a therapeutically designed regimen it can allow you to wean off of synthetic and dangerous medications (of course, consult your physician before doing so).

– No prescription or card needed!

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  1. Patty

    Generally any car ride makes my dog anxious, drool and eventually vomit. Today I tried KingKalm CBD for the first time. She was this relaxed the ride. We will use it for every ride! So glad someone recommended this product to us.

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  2. Pat


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